At Orlichem we understand that mining is a high demanding environment throughout the operation.

Our high quality product range of cleaning chemicals for the mining industry help to get the job done with ease and within the strict regulations.

Some of these applications include: Coating & Residue Removers, Corrosion Control, Degreasers, Electrical Cleaners

Air System Products, Biological Active Cleaners and Treatments, Boiler Treatment, Coating & Residue Removers, Cooling Water Treatment, Corrosion Control, Degreasers, Electrical Cleaner, Evaporator Treatment, Fuel Treatment, Oil Spill Dispeciant, Ballast water treatment, Potable Water Treatment

Basic Description Product What exactly does it do?
Fast acting paint stripper D-Strip 500 Heavy duty paint stripper and decarboniser by immersion.
Gelled Paint Stripper D-Strip 500 Gel Heavy duty Gel paint stripper and decarboniser.
Bitumen remover Tar remover TAR REMOVER is a highly concentrated (100% Active) tar, oil and grease remover. TAR REMOVER is a synergistic blend of refined solvents, emulsifiers, wetting agents and suspending additives which solves heavy grease, tar or bitumen cutting problems.
Basic Description Product What exactly does it do?
Aluminium Cleaner Aluminium Cleaner ALUMINIUM CLEANER is a heavy duty liquid acid brightener designed to remove corrosion, oxidation or tarnish, road film, industrial fallout or soils caused by the fabrication processes, from aluminium surfaces.
cement remover C42 – Cement remover C 42 is a descaler which has been formulated to remove cement dust, or trailings from surfaces where unwanted cement has settled or dripped. Such surfaces are found for example on face brick buildings, brick paving or similar surfaces below brick or concrete work.
Galvanising cleaner Phoscote PHOSCOTE is an effective general purpose acid based descaler for rust and stain removal caused by oxidation. It is effectively used in marine, vehicle and general industrial appliances.
Weld scale cleaner Pickling Paste PICKLING PASTE is specifically formulated to remove the heat scale which forms on stainless steel welds
Stainless Steel Cleaner PR041 PRO 41 – STAINLESS STEEL CLEANER is a clear acidic liquid compound which is used for cleaning stainless steel. It also retards re-dulling of the cleaned surface by leaving the surface fully passivated.
Paintable Rust & Stain Remover Rust Remover Gel Rust Remover Gel is an effective general purpose acid based descaler in gel form for rust and stain removal caused by oxidation.
fast acting rust and stain remover Rust Remover HD Rust Remover HD is an effective concetrated general purpose acid based descaler for rust and stain removal caused by oxidation.
Basic Description Product What exactly does it do?
Citrus Based Degreaser Citrikleen CITRIKLEEN is a multi-purpose degreaser produced with a blend of natural solvents (non-petroleum), surfactants. CITRIKLEEN will dislodge and remove carbaceous deposits, gelled oil and greae masses into easily rinsed molecules.
Heavy Duty Alkaline Cleaner 215 D 215D is a heavy duty cleaner used to remove oil and grease deposits and residue from firth wheels, forklifts, truck chassis and heavy duty construction and automotive equipment.
Heavy Duty Alkaline Cleaner Blast BLAST is a highly concentrated alkaline liquid cleaner designed for heavy duty cleaning and degreasing.
Heavy duty degreaser Degreaser 600 DEGREASER 600 is a blend of chemical additives which form a water based and dilulable product of exceptional versatility and safety
Oil Dispersant Type 1 C-Clean 750 C – CLEAN 075 is a highly effective, low toxicity dispersant for all forms of oils, specifically at sea, on boats, ships, harbours, beaches and aircraft.
RTU Heavy duty degreaser Rigwash RIG WASH is a blend of chemical additives which form a water based and dilutable product of exceptional versatility and safety. RIG WASH has a pH of 10 to 12,5 and is inhibited against attack on aluminium, magnesium and light alloys. It contains an anti-oxidant for the protection of ferrous surfaces. RIG WASH is biodegradable, non-flammable and in itself non-pollutant
RTU Solvent cleaner D-Greasor 1000 RTU D-Greasor 1000 RTU is a ready-to-use cold cleaner containing solvents, surfactants and emulsifiers designed to remove bitumen, oil grease and crater from hard surfaces
Solvent Degreaser Degrasol For bilge cleaning, tank cleaning, engine room equipment and all heavy-duty degreasing. Rinse with fresh or salt water.
Solvent degreaser – water dilutable Meksol 600 MEKSOL 600 is a solvent emulsion degreaser, which incorporates select solvents, detergents and emulsifiers into a well-balanced product.
Solvent emulsion degreaser C-Break A modern degreaser incorporating a quick break emulsion specifically made for use when residue is routed through an oily water separator. Use as supplied and rinse with water
Solvent emulsion degreaser Stripper 119 STRIPPER 119 is a ready to use solvent emulsion degreaser. The solvent action penetrates and dissolves the oil and grease which binds the soils to all types of mechanical equipment and components.
Solvent tank cleaner D-Greasor AT An economical, effective and fast tank cleaner for at sea automatic cleaning of double bottom, cargo tanks. Eliminates hand cleaning, high labour cost, and lost time.
Tar surface cleaner Seaclean SEACLEAN has many uses ranging from cleaning of heavy grease and oil on engines, chassis or road film on tarpaulins, tarspecks on vehicle bodies, greasy kitchen air filters, vinyl upholstery, floors, stoves or refrigerators.
Basic Description Product What exactly does it do?
Extremely Fast Drying C-Solve 550 For use in cleaning eclectic motors , bearings and other electric equipment. Very fast drying
Fast Drying C-Solve 400 Fast Drying Safety Solvent For Cold Cleaning Electrical Equipment
Medium Drying C-Solve 300 Medium drying safety solvent with a high flash point for cold cleaning electrical equipment
Slow Drying – Flammable C-Solve 100 Odourless medium drying safety solvent for cold cleaning electrical equipment
Slow to Medium Drying C-Solve 200 Slow drying safety solvent for cold cleaning electrical equipment
Universal Electrical Cleaner Hudsolv 6 HUDSOLV 6 is a clear water white safety solvent specifically formulated for the cleaning of electrical motors and windings.